Time To Cry Guys SX88

Alan Gutfrucht alang at ESSEX1.COM
Mon Jun 25 02:02:09 EDT 2001


I have an interesting story along the same line that happened to me this

A fellow ham friend of mine called me up to tell me about an SK estate
auction that was taking place in our little Illinois town. We decided to
check it out during the "preview" hours and walked up to two hay wagons full
of ham gear - most in good to very good condition.

Not knowing how widely advertised this was, we came back later in the
afternoon for the auction and found only about 30 or 40 people hanging
around this particular auction and later discovered that there were only one
2 or 3 other serious bidders.

Well to make a long story short - I picked up a very good to excellent
Gonset GSB-100 AM/SSB transmitter for $62 dollars. Another one (in almost
the same condition) went for $25 dollars. Also got a very good to excellent
Central Electronics 600L Broadband Linear Amp for $22.50. My friend got a
good Heath Mohawk receiver for $55 dollars and a good Drake 2A/2AQ
combination (the highest item at the auction) for $110 dollars. All items
that we bought have checked out to be running perfectly (however I haven't
tried the 600L amp yet). Most items had original manuals with them.

This was ham heaven! Typical prices: (2) Heath HP23 supplys $10-$15 dollars
ea., Hammarlund HQ-170 $50 dollars, Yeasu FT-101 $100 dollars, various Heath
station SB series monitors/scopes $10-$25 dollars, Dentron GLA-1000 amp $65
dollars, Hallicrafters SX-99 (VGC to excellent) about $40 dollars, and much
more and lots of homebrew stuff, tubes, roller inductors, etc.

One particular gentleman bought most of the stuff and he would have walked
away with everything for half of the above mentioned prices if my friend and
I were not bidding. Later that evening I kicked myself for not staying in
longer on some of the items on this very unusual opportunity. I just did not
have a need for them.

Anyways, I am happy with what I purchased as I got what I went in for - and
there is a good ham story to end it. As I said, I got my Gonset GSB-100 for
$62 dollars and it was just he and I bidding after it went past $20 dollars
or so. When it came around to the Central Electronics 600L amp, I went up to
this man and said "Are you going to bid on this?" He responded "Yes, I sure
am, it's in beautiful condition." I responded that I really had my heart set
on it. "Go for it, I'll sit out on this one for you" he said. Bingo. Got it
for $22.50 dollars.

Been waiting for an auction like this for a long long time. Maybe the next
one will have a cherry SX-88 or SX 28 for me.

Alan, WB2FZC

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Subject: Time To Cry Guys SX88

> A story that I had to tell...Was talking with one of my buddy's on the 2
> commute this AM and he told me about his weekend...He went to a SK Auction
> here in Dallas
> and started with a Box of EV and Shure Mics for $195...Then came a drill
> press at a good
> price  another EV Mike for $100 and then came an SX88 with no case...He
> found the case
> and requested that it go on the block with the receiver...Two
> bids!!!!!  $60.00 took it home...
> He had no idea what he had till this PM....Guys I guess there are still
> some good deals
> out there...Were are Mine????
> Best 73's from:
> Bob Peters K1JNN
> Member Dallas Posse
> www.dallasposse.org

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