Homebrew Tx Inquiry (6L6 on pieces of wood)

Nigel Holmes 03 9626 1914 fax 03 9626 1917 HOLMES.NIGEL at ABC.NET.AU
Mon Jun 25 01:55:32 EDT 2001

        Yes, it's the one in the 1949 ARRL handbook & probably others too
        - and it crushes quartz as well as any stamping battery - must've
        been inspired by a crystal manufacturer. A better period
        candidate would be the "Jones oscillator" c. 1938. Use a 6A6 or
        6N7 for authenticity or a 6SN7/12BH7/12AU7 etc. (not that you'll
        ever see a Jones' designed circuit in an ARRL publication...)

        A really sweet Jones tx could be built around an 832 and still
        meet the spec for a basic introductory rig.

        Of course this is deviating from the BA theme & heading for that
        wonderful GB reflector.

        73  Nigel VK3ZNQ

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