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Tue Jun 26 09:34:31 EDT 2001

I have had fun and made lots of money buying things at auction and reselling
them-it is what I do to supplement my disability income.  However, a
standard commercial auction is a bit different than a private auction for
the benefit of a sk's widow to liquidate his estate and reduce it to specie
(cash).  In the commercial auction , the beneficiary is usually a secured
party , like a bank, looking to recapture as much cash as possible and not
caring too much about the actual amount of recovery.  The private auction is
different in that the widow has many expenses to pay for the funeral, etc ,
to get the estate in order, since the kindly banker has probably frozen the
couples bank accounts.
So what does this mean?   I don't know , but after reading the post, I have
instructed my wife to move all my goodies to the dumpster rather than her
possibly being eaten alive by sharks - i.e.- well intentioned fellow
amateurs - after a bargain at my sk estate sale.
Tnx for the bandwidth-Just my $.02
Thank You,
George R. Griesbach
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Comfort, Texas, 78013
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