Fred Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Tue Jun 26 10:32:35 EDT 2001

Hi all. I don't enter into most of the discussions on the reflector,
seems an endless discussion follows even with the simplest of topics, but
instead communicate via e-mail direct in some cases.  On the subject
auction, did the sellers know and guarantee that the equipment was fully
operational? Bidding on items of unknown condition will not bring market
prices. If it were assumed, knowing the deceased and his good maintenece
of the gear, higher bids than as-is might be made.  In any event, the way
to get a higher return is to hold a reserve auction wherin a minimum
starting bid is required. No problems there. All items not sold could
then be put on a reflector or on-line auction to maximize gain or donated
to a school or club.  Talking about "cheating the widow", have you ever
heard what dealers in equipment will offer for a lot such as was
auctioned here? One such dealer told me that he offers one fourth market
and on very clean newer stuff only one third of market.  Again, he has to
put out cash and has overhead and storage and perhaps no sale on many
items. I just acted as executor on a high six figure estate and the
prices derived for an auction of two late model cars and a 28 foot motor
sailboat were rediculous. (Market is slow on both items.) Sale of
houshold goods, high quality, were worse.  Anyway, thanks for the time
and space to air my opinions. Fred W7PRV

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