Breting 12 Receiver - Problem Fixed!

David Hollander n7rk at DANCRIS.COM
Sat Jun 30 20:31:48 EDT 2001

Well that was too easy!. It was indeed the BFO tube. Most of the replies
suggested that the tube probably had a grid to cathode short. Replaced
the 6D6 with another one and the problem went away and BFO works fine.
The original tube did check out OK before I started but I probably
neglected to do a "short" test.  This radio turns off the avc when the
BFO is turned on and the BFO on/off switch is on the back of the RF gain
control which is only available with the BFO on - a quite different
design than the Nationals and Hallicrafters of that era. Thanks to all
for the many, many replies.

Only one replied that  he had a broken  Breting 12 but quite a few
Breting 14 receivers. When this done I will put up some pictures of the
project. All spoke very highly of the Breting receivers and based on the
audio I have heard and some of the cosmetics, I can see why

To the people that told me they had Bretings and had questions, I'll get
back to you individually tomorrow with replies.

Thanks again,

Dave N7RK

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