BAMA needs help!

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL kgrimm at ADELPHIA.NET
Sun Mar 4 11:49:53 EST 2001

You should have received the list of new additions to BAMA by now.  The
posting of that list depends entirely on BAMA users continuing to make
new material available.  In particular, we need the following manuals to
satisfy specific requests.  If you can help, please scan and upload or
send me a copy and I'll do the scanning for you.  While the manuals
listed below would be greatly appreciated, since there are folks waiting
to download them right now, manuals for any tube type gear used in the
amateur service or for SWLing that is not already in the collection,
would be greatly appreciated.

Aerovox model 76 cap./res. bridge
Boonton 202 H signal generator (VHF) and 260AP Q-meter.
Central Electronics MM-1 and DQ (Q-multiplier).
Dentron GLA-1000C
Drake TC-6
Elenco SS-75
Gonset 3089 VHF Amplifier and Gonset G-50
Hallicrafters  SR-75
Hammarlund HQ-170, HQ-170A and  Model E Signal Generator
Hickok 1890 Transistor Tester
Hughes-Mitchell X-EC Frequency Control
Johnson Viking II Assembly instructions
Knight  TR-106
Magnum 6 (any except the Heath version)
Millen 90921 Scope Sweep Amp.
Morrow  PW-75
National  NC-190 and RAS series
Pace 2m Communicator II
Panoramic SB-3 (civilian version of BC-1031C)
Precision 202 Signal Tracer and 960 Diode and Transistor tester
REDI-KILOWATT keyer model 401
RME-50 receiver
Sprague TCA-1 Capacitor Analyzer
Superior Instruments 650 and TW-11
TMC SBT-350 Transmitter

Thanks and 73,

Ken K4XL
k4xl at
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