WTB: Western Radio transceiver

Rick Robinson rerobins at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Wed Mar 7 08:33:14 EST 2001

This is a real long shot but I'm looking for a small 1 or 2 tube QRP CW
transceiver that was a kit made by Western Radio in Kearney, NE, in the
early 60s.   I can't remember the model number but any information would be
appreciated.   My best friend in high school had a pair which we used on 40
meters.  They were really not very good rigs, the receiver tube was very
microphonic, but fun to play with.  I would like to find another one, but
have never seen any since those 2.   His mother threw them away when he
joined the Navy, Argggh!

Western Radio used to advertise the kits in QST and CQ if I remember correctly.

Thanks and 73,

Rick kf4ar

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