Electronic T/R switch

Garey Barrell k4oah at MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Mar 7 23:35:52 EST 2001

I couldn't stand it....  I had to look in my QST on CD-ROM for this
T/R switch.

It was described in an article in QST for June 1957, page 24.  Author
was Samuel Sabaroff, W3DM. !!  Believe me, my memory doesn't do this
sort of thing very often any more ...

The schematic is there, less a description of the "carefully designed
broad-band transformer utilizing a selected core."  I must admit there
is no mention of the transformer being of toroidal design, so might
have missed there.  Also, the coax to the receiver was specified as
RG-59 rather than 58, probably because 59 had a solid center conductor
that worked better with their "connector" system.  Kinda like RG-6A
today...  Even has a description of using RG-8 for the coupling
capacitor to the final tank.

There's even an ad on page 173.   $11.95 (with tube.)  And yes, it IS
a 6AH6.

73, Garey  - K4OAH

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