installing 3 wire cord on HT-32

Bob Raley raleyr_1 at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Mar 8 11:14:07 EST 2001

On the present two wire cord on my HT-32 transmitter the white colored wire
is fused and the black wire is not.  This sounds backwards to me but I guess
I'm not understanding the reasoning here.  Maybe someone on the list can
explain it to me.  I'm wanting to replace this cord with a three wire cord.
  I've always assumed the green wire is tied to the chassis directly, the
white wire is considered the neutral and is tied to the wide blade on a
polarized plug, and that the black wire is the positive wire and is the one
that should be fused.  If I follow that reasoning I'll tie the black wire of
the new cord where the white wire on the old cord was.  Not a big deal but I
hope someone here can explain to me how the standards for wiring have
changed over time regarding two and three wire service cords.

Thanks in advance for your help.............Bob Raley N5JAN
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