Hey! It is NOT today (Thursday), but...

Stephens, Al Allan.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Thu Mar 15 09:19:13 EST 2001


     After working under brutal conditions in the desert near Tempe for more
than a month, the hostage negotiations team that Jose and I put together
finally won the release of some of our messages which had been held since
around the first of February.  There may be a few more released later, as we
do not know the extent of how many have been in electronic limbo - just
check the dates of the messages as Jose suggested.

     But as long as we are on the subject (mine was concerning CX), next CX
is of course the last Sunday of September - plenty of time to get ready.

     Alternative possibility on the delayed messages: if they were truly
"reflected" from a reflector that was straight line-distance away, round
trip about about six weeks... wonder what is three light-weeks "out
there...?"  Something for "X-Files," perhaps...

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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