Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Thu Mar 15 22:22:30 EST 2001

Hi BA Amigos
Am cleaning shop. I used to do a lot of audio restoring. But the following
are like "rocks" that I will never do anything with. They need a interested

Have large shaker table tube amp (uses 6- 7027a or 6550s) & has one of the
largest OP tfs I've seen. Pwr supply supplies 350V regul. & 500v for OP.
Rack mount made by MB Electronics. Z O.P. is right for speaker. Its big &
heavy. I powered it up today. I used 6 6L6G s to test it. It needs some help
in the driver bd but it works. I sold all the 7027s some yrs ago. Was going
to make a sub woofer driver with this beast. If interested lets talk. I plan
on being @ Timonium HF end of month. Some neat things on this big chassis.
And I have .jpgs.

I also have a pr of theater amps made by RCA. These use 4 6L6G s in PP Par
driven w / pr of 6C5s. I have the documentation on this pair. They are model
MI4288L. Are in restorable condition & both have linear Chicago OP tfs. No
tubes supplied. Will take $150. for the pr. delivered to Timonium. Have

Have a pr of RCA theater amps mod MI9358A. These are unique rack mount amps
with tube balance meter in ft panel. Panel has shelf (?? really) w / tubes
displayed / plugged into shelf. Ft panel / shelf folds down to get to
underside of chassis. You just got to see the pics. Would make a great pr of
home theater display amps. Chassis on both are in good condition. Both will
need complete rebuilding / modern circuits & tubes but tfs are good. $150.
delivered to Timonium.

Have a pr of large linear OP tfs & pwr tf (a stereo set) suitable for 6L6GC
or 6550s. They came off an old Fisher 500C amp / tuner. TFs are clean.
Interested? Lets talk trade or cash.

And one more. Scott stereo Type-130 preamp (gold color) in good restorable
condition. I restored one of these last year & was amazed at the clean,
linear audio it produced. I was'nt impressed w / what I got for my efforts
after restoration. So I'm offering the preamp w / a parts Scott 130 to make
one out of. The pwr tf in the clean one is ng. But the parts rig has a good
one. I checked it today. And I have a Sams Photo Fax clear copy for
documentation. Asking $100. for the pr delivered to Timonium or shipping
extra. Have .jpg pics.

The Deal: Will trade on Johnson rigs, Rangers, Valiants, Navigators, or
parts thereof, or Collins 20V2 parts (good pwr supply chassis)  or cash.
73 es Dee
Patty & Dee's Marina Collectors of "firebottle" radios
534 W. Main St.
Waynesboro, Va. 22980
(540)249-3161 Cell: (540)471-7023

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