Knob Frozen on Capacitor Shaft

Ron Evans cosmos41 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Mar 26 18:00:43 EST 2001

Well, you must know I'm desperate or I wouldn't expose my abundant
ignorance so blatantly for all of hamdom to see!

I'm removing the front panel of my Johnson Adventurer and was making
great headway until the last knob (AMPLIFIER TUNING).  It's held to the
shaft exactly as all the other knobs are, as far as I can tell.  Each
knob has a small slot setscrew which threads into a brass insert in the
knob and then presses against the control shaft.

I removed the setscrew completely with very little trouble.  (Didn't
mean to; just kept on unscrewing too long!)  So then I assumed the knob
would come off as easily as the others.


I've used WD-40 and Hoppe's Lubricating Oil in the setscrew hole, let it
set for 30 minutes at a time, have tapped on the knob with a rubber
handled screwdriver until I'm exhausted, but the knob remains frozen to
the shaft.

Is this just one of those "you gotta wait 24 hours" situations, or is
there some way I can get this knob off...short of a hacksaw, that is!

The knob is just like all the others, but it's just not going anywhere.
I've applied quite a bit of force to it but it doesn't budge.

Any ideas?  I'm just going to set it aside until you, my saviors (!),
rescue me once more!  I guess this is all part of my learning curve, but
it's darn frustrating.  Grrrrrr. *grin*


Ron - K5MVR

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