FS Heathkit HG-108 VFO for DX-60

Michael Crestohl mc at SOVER.NET
Mon Mar 26 11:29:26 EST 2001

Hi Gang:

I have decided to further trim the pile a bit......

This is a very nice HG-108 VFO for the popular DX-60 series
transmitter.  It is the later color scheme but should work with the DX-60,
DX-60A and DX-60B models.  Cosmetically if is very good - front panel is
excellent and the cabinet is good but would need a bit of touching up if it
were to be perfect.  Electrically it is original with no
modifications.  The dial and the band switches are not overly tight but the
VFO has sat around for many years and the mechanical parts should be
cleaned and lubricated for it to be as smooth as it can be.

There is also an external TR relay in the package with some connecting
cables.  This relay derives its' power from the VFO and a power cable has
been attached to the plug in the FVO.

I am asking $85.00 plus UPS for the VFO and antenna relay.  If interested
please reply by e-mail.


Michael Crestohl
mc at sover/net

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