New Knight Bulletin Board

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu May 10 09:06:27 EDT 2001

Hey folks,

We have a NEW address for the Allied - Knight Kit Bulletin Board!

The old BBS over at BESEEN.COM was being trashed repeatedly by annoying
Taiwanese spammers with totally off-topic ads.

This new Board lets me delete spam, and al;so ban spammers if they try to register
and use the board. The registration is free and takes like 20 seconds. A small price to
pay for getting our privacy back!

Many Knight and Allied enthusiasts are out there. Please forward this to your friends,
and to other Search engines, lists, reflectors, clubs etc.

So please pass the word. KNIGHT KIT LIVES!

73 de AF4K, Brian

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