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Thu May 10 18:03:57 EDT 2001

I got a very valuable thing today: a CLIP-ON pair of FLIP-UP Magnifiers. I
already had the headband-style magnifiers... and they're great... BUT here's
the problem: with them 'down' you can see the pc board/solder joint/whatever
just fine. Because I couldn't wear my glasses under them, with them 'up'
everything (more-or-less) blurred out.

Enter the CLIP-ON magnifiers. They clip onto your reading glasses/etc. and
can flip up when you do not need the extra magnification. Awesome solution.
Building my K2, I would normally have on my regular glasses (+2.0 diopters
to +3.5 [whatever]) but EVERY time I needed a CLOSE look it was swap from
the glasses to the headband. I tried wearing a pair under the headband, but
the distances were-very-wrong.

So today, after getting the CLIP-ONs, I bought a pair of +3.5 diopter
glasses (the clip-ons need a relatively large-framed eyeglass) for 1/2 off
at Eckerds ($10). I'll use 'em exclusively for electronics, and ought to get
terrific life out of them. The construction is injection-molded acrylic
treated with an abrasion-resistant coating-they claim it is so
scratch-resistant that it can withstand rubbing with steel wool. I'll
restrain myself.

The brand is: "TELESIGHT MAGNIFIER" specifically model #23 (or the label
says #EL623) for 1.75 magnification at 14 inches. I got mine from my local
radio emporium (Ack Industrial Electronics in Atlanta) but it was a special
order. I have seen them in tool catalogs similar to Jensen. Price class is

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