International payment for ham gear

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon May 14 07:18:42 EDT 2001

On 11 May 2001, at 21:29, Joseph W. Pinner wrote:

> >The U.S. Post Office sells INTERNATIONAL m.o.'s as well---I think they cost
> >as much to buy as the DOMESTIC variety ($2.50 ea., if I'm not mistaken...).
> >
> Depends on where you live. I cannot get them locally at my PO.

Joseph is right.

The local P.O. here had to send off for one from Colorado or Utah or some place afar
off.... It took them 2 months and thebn they sent it to the wrong place!

Against my wishes they sent it directly to the overseas party instea of to me, fo rme to
mail it with my order. Totally inept operation.

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