Electronic goodie grab.

Ron Lawrence kc4yoy at TRELLIS.NET
Thu May 17 12:29:36 EDT 2001

What: Electronic goodie grab.

Where: Radio station WBT Transmitter building basement.
             Located on Nations Ford Rd. Charlotte, NC.

When: Saturday, June 2nd at 11AM,

What: Tons of electronic goodies. The basement is
          literally full of old and not so old electronic
          stuff that has been stored there, some of it for
          60+ years.

Who: WBT has offered this treasure trove to the
          Carolinas Chapter of the Antique Wireless Association.
          We know that there's a lot more there than we
          can even haul off so we have also invited
          other collectors and the local ham radio
          community to share the goodies.

How's it going to work?
OK here's the deal, they want the junk (goodies)
cleaned out of the basement, they have brought in
a large dumpster that is going to get it if we don't haul
it off. When we get there we'll go in to the basement
and start picking up the stuff and carrying it out,
IF you want it, take it to your car (van, truck, etc.).
If you don't want it, drop it in the dumpster and go back
and get something else. The point is to help clean out
the basement.

There will be folks there from the station to make sure
no one starts taking apart the 50,000 watt transmitter,
so leave your tools at home.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.



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