Fred Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Fri Nov 2 23:30:22 EST 2001

You Mexican guys and border state Americanos know of this soap.
Excellant for cleaning aluminum. Name is Don Maximo.  It comes in 225
gram bar form.  I make up a fairly strong solution in my bathroom sink
getting a good suds.  Dropped in a bunch of grungy old transmitting
variables, some with copper tubing coils on them etc. Let set a few
minutes then scrubbed with soft brushes. Rinse in clear water and things
look like new. Make sure you rinse well then lightly oil the bearings
etc. and dry in the sun. Have used same stuff using small brushes on
smaller things, like metal and ceramics.   It probably is high in
carbonates and sodium sulfate.Caution, don't leave stuff in the water too
long. Fred W7PRV

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