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g sixty three g-sixty_three at JUNO.COM
Tue Nov 6 08:56:28 EST 2001

greetings the following is for sale:

1. CQ 1960 annual - in very very good condition.
front and rear covers are fantastic. $10

2. RCA receiving tube manual in good condition,
some wear on front and rear covers. binding is
taped. has lables and marking from public library.
#RC-27 dated 1970 $10

3. Radio Amateur Mobile Handbook in fair/poor shape.
cover and binding is taped. upper front coner is
dog eared about 20% thru. this is by bill orr and
is dated 1953 $8

4. Allied Radio 1968 catalog in good/very good shape.
minor wear and dog ears on covers. no tears or tape $10

5. ARRL uhf/microwave projects manual in very very
good condition, close to new. has "radio shop" written
on 1st inside page. $14

plus shipping thanks 73 tom


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