FS: Misc. Goodies

g sixty three g-sixty_three at JUNO.COM
Sun Nov 11 18:03:20 EST 2001

greetings all, these goodies are for sale:

1. RCP "DO-ALL" vtvm in good condition and
appears to work ok. front panel very nice
and case has some minor wear. non-original
leather handle. no probes. $15

pix: http://mars.100megsdns.com/DO-ALL.JPG

2. mct p-3150 power transformer. inclosed. pri 115.
sec 325-325 v ct 40 ma, 5 v 2a and 6.3 2a. NOS
in box thats kind of beat up $18

pix: http://mars.100megsdns.com/4tr.jpg

3. mct c-299 choke 2.25 henry at 250ma. 53 ohm
NOS in box thats really beat up. $12

pix: http://mars.100megsdns.com/4tr.jpg

4. zenith am bcst receiver 5 tube design in fair-
good condition. seems to work ok some muck-and
dust. nice looking. model #H723 $15 *Both Zenith $25*

pix: http://mars.100megsdns.com/ZENITH.JPG

5. zenith am-fm tube table radio in good shape
and works well. some minor muck and dust.
6 tube design with ext ant input for fm.
model #S-49654 $20 *Both Zenith $25*

pix: http://mars.100megsdns.com/Zam-fm.jpg

all items plus shipping

thanks 73 tom


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