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Sat Nov 24 08:45:27 EST 2001

Pete's right, too.  I 've had very bad results with many UPS shipments
(damage and delays).  Recently I arrived home to find a Fedex delivery
sticker on my door - I called the local Fedex center and they said yes,
the driver had made two attempts to deliver. However, I had been home
all week and NOBODY had tried to deliver any packages.  The Fedex lady
calmed me down and said that the driver had made two delivery attempts
*that day*. Oops. Not bad.  The package was in my hands the next
morning. In fact, I joined Fedex (got an account) and now ship Fedex
ground only.

H. W. Petersen wrote:

> Brian Carling is right about Fed Ex. Tuesday they delivered a package
> from MN before I got home. The driver was coming out of my back yard as I
> drove into my driveway. He explained that the package looked like it
> might have expensive contents so he put it on the back porch instead of
> the front porch where it could be seen. The contents were expensive, and
> arrived in perfect shape.
> UPS has some competition

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