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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Oct 7 09:26:24 EDT 2001

These are not my items. A disabled friend is trying to sell them to help pay
medical bills. Let me know if you'd like something and I will help arrange the sale.

Prices might be negotiable. I have not asked.

1)  Yaesu FTdx560

Has good tubes and lots of extra crystals,
WARC and whatever. Big box external speaker and desk
 microphone and the original manual, The radio is a

He has put $375 plus some shipping into the FT dx-560 station.
It has a lot of new tubes. He got this for the center piece of a
classic retirement station.
It is one of those classic beautiful designs that makes one feel
"now, that is ham radio at its finest". The matching speaker and mic and
book top it off.

2) Heath - A very nice HW-16 and HG-10B. Includes the
 original books.

The HG-10B has a new face plate and the rig has been retubed.
It is in very nice condition. He planned to polish it up and heavily
 rely on it. At the time good HW-16/HG-10Bs were selling for
upwards of $175 and that plus a bit of
 shipping is what he invested. He did notice that the sidetone diode
 was snipped. The previous
 owner most likely used the keyer sidetone.

3)MFJ 40 Meter 9040 CW QRP rig. With book. Great
shape  $115.00 shipped

An MFJ 15 Meter 9015 CW QRP rig. With book. Great
shape.  $115.00 shipped

Both MFJ rigs are as new and stock with original

4)  Heathkit 2036A synthesized 2 meter rig. It was
 built by a master who then had Heath align it. Comes with
 the matching AC supply and the original docs.
This rig is collector quality. It makes one feel like
you sat and watched the guy build it. It is a "time machine" rig.
He has $135.00 plus shipping in this.

5)  Hallicrafters Model HA-1 TO-Keyer.
A collectors' item. Very good condition.
He has $95.00 in it.

This brother ham is also looking for a Drake TV-100LP low pass filter like the one I just

Any interest in buying these items? Offers? Trades?

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