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Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sun Oct 7 07:35:52 EDT 2001

Panel meters:
Weston Model 475 with 0-100 mA dimensions 3" square with rounded corners. Requires a 2.8"
diameter hole. Excellent condition.
Will sell for $10.00

General Electric Type CG22130 with 0 - 1.0 RF Amperes dimensions 2.5" diameter, round
meter requires a 2" diameter hole. Excellent condition.
Will sell for $10.00

Rotary switch, brand new, 4 Pole 13 position with standard 1/4" shaft. Has nice
fiberglass wafers, approx 1.5" diameter - will sell for $12.00

B & W Miniductors, new in boxes and unused:

B&W 3007  QTY 1
B&W 3010  QTY 4
B&W 3015  QTY 3
B&W 3016  QTY 8

Will sell each for $5.00 a piece

James Millen Company Magnetic shield # 60042
New unopened, and unused, in orginal packing bag.
Approximately 7" tall and 2" in diameter with
4 mounting holes on the base and a clamp on the top.
Have QTY 5 of these for sale at $6.00 each.

Air wound coil  2.5" diameter 3" long 32 turns approx 10 t.p.i.
of about 18 or 20 gauge wire. Will sell for $4.00

PLUG-IN coil unit. Marked 51B260 and 2.5 - 4.3 MC.
Not sure what this is from - has a ceramic bar with
five banana type plugs. Bar is 4-5/8" long. plug spacings:
Far pins about 4.2" apart, inner three are about 9/16" apart.
This is a link-coupled unit with a pair of coils. The inner coil is
2-1/8" diameter, and the outer coil is 2-1/2" diameter.
Good condition. Not broken. Will sell for $5.00

Shipping additional on all items.

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