FS: Variable Capacitors

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Mon Oct 8 16:01:07 EDT 2001


Finest quality new Hammarlund etc. variable capacitors.
(and some other brands)

The new Hammarlunds all have 1/4" shafts.

NEW IN BOX (Unless otherwise stated)

QTY 5 Hammarlund model HF-35  -  $4.00 each
QTY 1 Hammarlund model MC-50S  -  $5.00
QTY 1 Hammarlund model HF-15  -  $4.00
QTY 1 Hammarlund model HFA-50B  -  $5.00
QTY 1 Hammarlund model MAPC-50B  -  $5.00
QTY 1 Hammarlund model APC-50B  -  $4.00
QTY 2 Hammarlund model MAC-20  -  $4.00  each
QTY 1 Hammarlund model APC-25  -  $3.00

Pictures available.

E.F. Johnson 1250V units new in boxes:
QTY  1 model 160-205 variable capacitor  -  $4.00
QTY  1 model 160-208 variable capacitor  -  $4.00

Three used air variables (pictures available)

Large Hammarlund dual section 250 pF per section plate tuning
variable. Plate spacing is 0.15" - which should be good for over 3000 volts.
Ocean State offers a similar new capacitor with only 0.12" spacing that is
rated for 3180 volts. (They sell it for $80.00 though!)
Measures 4.5"  X  3.5"  X  6.5" deep with 1/4" shaft
that protrudes an extra 1" including bushing.
Has an approx. 1/8" chip out of the bottom of two metal plates in one section,
but it has been cleaned up and that does not affect it. Otherwise excellent.
Picture available. Will sell for $12.00

Large three-section 550 pF/section loading type capacitor. Total of 1650 pF.
Dimensions - 3.5"  X  2"  X  5" plus bakelite mounting pieces would add 1" to the 2"
height. Some minor corrosion on one side under frame, but mostly clean and in good
working condition.  Picture available. Will sell for $6.00

Smaller dual gang 400 pF per section variable capacitor. Dimensions are only
2"  X  1-5/8"  X  1-1/4" deep. Would do well as a loading cap for a smaller glowbug xmtr,
Has a 3/8" shaft, and comes with a suitable knob. Picture available. Will sell for $3.00

Shipping additional on all of the items here.

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