T. David Cohen tdavid at EATEL.NET
Sun Oct 14 18:02:37 EDT 2001

I have a few parts radios here that are taking up too much space and
they need to go.  Prices shown are less shipping.
SX-110 - works fine and has been aligned.  It’s complete except for some
of the knobs and the chrome trim strip on the front panel.  The
“standby-receive” switch has been replaced with a small toggle switch.
For someone looking for a SW receiver to play with or something that
could be easily restored, this would be a good candidate
$75.00 or an
acceptable offer.
SX-25 - works (last time I tried it) and is complete + (sorry, the
bottom cover is missing).  A previous owner added some circuitry (a sub
chassis with two tubes is attached to the inside back of the cabinet), a
standard output transformer (output tube to 4 ohm speaker) and some
controls to the front panel.  All of the knobs are there and the “s”
meter worked
$85.00 or an acceptable offer.  Replacement of some of the
60+ year old components will probably be necessary is it’s to be used.
SX-117 - fairly good cosmetic condition.  Complete except for red “H”
logo on the cabinet, 2 x 6 mHz and 1 x 50 kHz cans and the crystal
calibrator.  This one would be an excellent candidate for restoration.
All the knobs are there
$125 or an acceptable offer.
HT-37 - This old transmitter works fine and has recently been used on
the air.  Cosmetically, the case could use repainting and the front
panel is about average for equipment this old.  The top side of the
chassis could use a good cleaning
the underside is OK.  I’m calling this
a parts radio because there is a short from the low voltage rectifier
filament winding to the transformer case (shorting the “low” high
voltage supply to ground).  To overcome the problem, the tube was
removed from the socket, the transformer leads disconnected from the 5R4
socket and two 1000 volt diodes were put in the place of the tube.  A
permanent fix might include two diodes and equalizing resistors on each
side of the low voltage winding or, optionally, the short might be
accessible for repair.  This one would be great for restoration
$125 or
an acceptable offer.  Note that this transmitter weighs about 85 pounds
and the cost of shipping won’t be trivial.  If the price is right, the
packing is free.
Dave Cohen, N7TC

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