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For Sale:

All are in good condition, unless noted otherwise.

Old Engineering books:

Sylvania Electronic Products "Technical Manual"
1953 edition, in binder.  This is a tube manual,
similar to the RCA HB-3, but is slightly taller than the
RCA HB-3. Starts with 0A3, and goes thru 27NP4.
There appear to be updates added, but no dates on the
updates that I can find.  This is not quite as comprehensive
as the RCA HB-3, but it really includes a lot.  $ 85

Electrical Engineering by Dawes
Volume 1 - Direct Currents
Third Edition - 1937
I would call this a basic text.  750 pages. It includes
a separate insert that has the answers to the problems.
Book is in nice shape, but does have a name on the
inside cover with a 1938 date.    $ 15

Electric Power Transmission and Distribution by Woodruff
Second Edition - 1938
Includes some wire charts. 257 pages.
Book is in good shape, as is the binding, but there is a fair
amount of writing inside.  $ 12

Unit Outlines in Physics by Colen and Newman
Paperback (I didn't know they made paperbacks then!)
Revised edition, 1940
Some wear, and writing.  $ 12

ARRL Handbooks For Sale:
1968 - lousy condition - back cover missing - $ 6
1982 - $ 8
1985 - looks almost like new - $ 10

Other ARRL books:
ARRL Ham Radio Operating Guide - first edition
1976   -   $ 8

Solid State Design for the Radio Amateur
ARRL - First Edition - 1977  -  $ 12

ARRL antenna book - 1974 - 13th edition - $ 10

Manuals for the following:

Jansky and Bailey Division of Atlantic Research Corp
Loran-C System of Navigation
Feb 1962        $ 10

AN/USM-16 Signal Generator  (Byron Jackson)
T O 33A1-8-23-1   Operating Instructions
Sept 1955, with update to Sept 1971    $ 8

AN/USM-16 Signal Generator
T O 33A1-8-23-4  Illustrated Parts Breakdown
June 1955 with Nov 62 updates   $ 10

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



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