DX-20 / HX-11 crystal door plugs

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Thu Oct 18 23:14:28 EDT 2001

A couple of amateurs have indicated that they think I am charging way
too much for the crystal hole cover plugs for the DX-20 / HX-11 since
they have supposedly found the plugs that will fit the 2 inch hole in
the cabinet.  Unfortunately for me, my local Lowe's and Home Depot do
not stock metal hole plugs as large as 2 inches in diameter.  They do
stock plastic ones.  I had to order the metal ones in bulk from a
supplier in Atlanta, Georgia.

The say all you have to do is to drill a hole and paint the plug.

Well, that is almost true.  You do have to obtain material to make the
shaft for the knob and attach it.  That is not that expensive.  However,
there is a bit of labor involved plus the cost of the proper color of

Now, I am all for amateurs doing things for themselves and I will give
them all the help and advice that I can.

Thus, the information on materials and cost of an amateur making one
hole plug:

According to those making the comments the hole plugs are about $2.00
each.  Since I don't have a local source I can't confirm this price.
But, I will "take their word for it".

The cost of one spray can of the #110 Heath Gray paint is $9.95 + $3.95
shipping and handling from Total Electronics (Mike Shelton).  Then,
there is the cost of the black wrinkle paint that has to be oversprayed
with the Heath Gray.  That is another $9.95 from Total Electronics plus
an additional $1.30 for a second can of paint being shipped at the same
time.  That makes a total cost from Mike of $25.15.

Or, you can do like I do and use the Heath #110 gray from Mike at $13.90
plus a locally available paint by Rust-Oleum for the crinkle at $7.95
per can (plus tax).  This makes $21.85.

Then, add a "cheap" primer, the one I use is only $.99 a can, $.89 for
the brass tubing for the shaft, and $.69 a package for the sheet metal
screw to hold it in place (you have to buy a package of 10 screws at
Home Depot or Lowe's to get one of the correct size).

That makes either $27.72 using the crinkle paint from Total Electronics
or $24.42 using the paint that I use.  Of course, I make more than one
at a time.  However, when considering only one hole plug is to be made
by the average amateur, you have to absorb the entire cost of
materials!  Add in the $2.00 for the hole plug and you have a cost of
$29.72 or $26.42 (plus sales tax for the materials obtained locally) for
the hole plug.  That doesn't take into consideration the value of your

I don't know how much each individual amateur makes, but even taking $20
per hour as the wages earned (I do make a "bit" more!), it will take at
least 15 minutes to 30 minutes to make the hole plug after getting all
the materials in hand.  That would mean from $5 to $10 minimum for the
value of the labor. Lets take an average of $7.50 in labor.  That makes
a total value of the hole plug either $35.20 or $31.92 plus tax.  This,
of course, doesn't take into consideration the value of the time you
spent going to and from the home improvement center and the time
actually spent in the store.  That would add at least another $20 to the

This, of course, is based on you having an electric drill of some sort
and a tubing cutter to cut the brass tubing.

Similar logic holds true for the plug used in the Johnson transmitters
except that the crinkle paint is not needed.

Anyway, if you want to build your own, I am all in favor of it.  If you
don't, I do have them available at the following prices:

DX-20 / HX-11

Plain finish:

$14.00 CONUS, $16.00 US Canada, $15.16 Texas residents

Painted with gray crackle

$16.00 CONUS, $18.00 US Canada, $17.32 Texas residents

Johnson (painted with the Johnson maroon color)

$15.00 CONUS, $17.00 US Canada, $16.24 Texas residents

Send a cheque for how many you want to

Glen E. Zook
410 Lawndale Drive
Richardson, Texas 75080

I have been making the parts to help out those amateurs who have
equipment that is missing these assemblies (most of the transmitters out
there seem to be missing the crystal covers).  I definitely am not
getting "rich" off of them.  Frankly, considering all the labor
involved, people are getting a pretty good bargain and I am about
"breaking even".

Remember, I was asked by a number of amateurs to find a source of
materials and do the labor to make these crystal hole cover plugs for
the DX-20 / HX-11 / Johnson units.  This was in addition to the crysal
cover doors for the DX-35 / DX-40 that I have been making for a few

Those are $11.50 CONUS, $13.50 US Canada, $12.33 for Texas residents.

By the way, all of the prices are postpaid.


Glen, K9STH

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