Siltronix 1011C

JR LINDEN jrlinden at USA.NET
Fri Oct 19 10:13:45 EDT 2001

I just noticed that the 10 meter coverage starts at 28.5 and the Collins
posting lately stated their station would be on 10 at 28.350.  It seemed to me
that years ago, when I was active on 10, much of the action was below 28.5. 
Does anyone else see that as a problem and has anyone heard of a modification
to change the band beginning?  The 8950 seems to be a rare bird too, has
anyone heard of a retro to 6141?  I would also like to thank all those who
responded to my request for a manual.  Hopefully I have an original coming in
the mail.  These reflectors are the cats meow for those of us that took a
break from the hobby for a while.  Agn tnx.....JR  K7PUR   Cave Creek, AZ

JR Linden  K7PUR
Cave Creek, AZ

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