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Fri Oct 19 16:52:20 EDT 2001

On 19 Oct 2001, at 9:29, JR LINDEN wrote:

> I don't have a cross reference and I'm not familar enough with coil numbers
> but are any of them that are listed, suitable for the output stage of a 10-6
> meter amplifier?  Tnx....JR  K7PUR
> JR Linden  K7PUR
> Cave Creek, AZ

Dear JR - I can tell you this:

They are medium sized coils.

For example, the 3016 is an air wound coil that looks like it would work on about 500

1" diameter coil and it is 3" long. The winding is made of wire that is either tinned or
silver plated. There seem to be about 28 or 30 turns per inch. So it is about 85
or 90 turns altogether. the wire is too small for a QRO final amplifier for sure.
More suitable to a buffer tank stage I would guess. You cut these to whatever length you
need for the correct inductance. Making taps would be tricky on such  closely spaced

Drat! These boxes are like small tube boxes and very difficult to open without tearing
off the tabs. You know the  drill if you mess with tube boxes much!

The one labelled 3010 is more of a VHF 10m/6m coil with only a few turns of thicker wire.
Like 10-12 turns I think. Wider spaced. It is 1" diameter, but only about 1.25" long.

The 3015 is 1" diameter and 3" long. It has about 50 turns of wire that looks to be about
22 or 24 gauge ( my guess).. or close to it. Looks like it's good for 80m as-is  or for
40m and up with a bit of cutting and trimming.

The 3013 is a seriously HF/VHF unit, again 1" diameter and 3" long.
It has 12 turns of wire that is about 18 or 20 gauge (my guess) and
would make a dandy medium power driver or small final tank for 10m or 6m work.

All the best - Brian, AF4K

I am guessing that there must be data on them somewhere on the web.

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