list of radios, radar and countermeasures wanted.

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Sat Sep 1 01:20:21 EDT 2001

The following items and manuals for them are needed for displays at The Southwest Museum of Engineering, Communications and Computation ( SMECC )

Catch a brief glimpse of the museum at

looking for apr-1 and apr-4 and any 'go withs'
looking for  apa-10, apr-23 ( or is it apa 23?)

looking for  arr-2 arr-5 and arr-7  complete or parts.

looking for hallicrafters s27 vhf rcvr.

looking for complete or parts for any radar sets.

looking for ART-2 transmitter

looking for ABF or SCR-695-A or 

looking for  enough stuff to merge with our stuff
to make a complete ARC-5 setup

looking for the direction finder loop for the arc-5

any other similar equip even if a later era is also of interest to show the evolution of things.
looking for any product made by regency ( also known as IDEA Inc)

looking for anything made by Motorola

the two above listings are for manufacturer specific displays.
will accept gifts, buy some of it or trade?  have an extra Harvey wells bandmaster senior at the moment.

thanks ed sharpe archivist for smecc
coury house / smecc
5802 w palmaire ave
glendale az 85301

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