Adjustable metal tape HF antenna

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Thu Sep 6 04:25:27 EDT 2001

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>      Back in my Air Force communications days (mainly '60's)
> we regularly deployed with KWM-2A's for tactical HF capability.
> I was in TAC (Tactical Air Command) at the time and we were
> designed to deploy: when the army would go off into the woods,
> we went along to set up radar and communications for tactical
> air control.
>      The measuring tape antennas were standard issue to go along
> with the KWM-2A's since they were easily deployed, relatively
> foolproof in setting to the right length, and they did the job
> as well as any dipoles.  Beat having to cut separate antennas
> as frequencies changed.

I haven't seen one of these, so i'm just imagining. And wondering:
did the coiled up unused lengths add any unexpected inductive
loading effects, so that the actual required lengths differed
noticeably from the calculated requirement?
Tnx, Hue Miller

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