A circuit theory problem

J. Forster jfor at ONEMAIN.COM
Tue Sep 11 00:03:45 EDT 2001

Prompted by the diode question, here is a neat problem in circuit theory for all

Assume you have 12 resistors, 1 ohm each, and you solder up a cube, with 1
resistor on each edge.

What is the resistance measured between:

1. Two diagonally opposite corners of the cube
2. Two corners diagonally opposite each other on the same face
3. Across any single resistor.

It is NOT FAIR to build and measure it.

Hint: Try re-drawing the circuit to simplify the problem and apply symmetry.

PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME YOUR SOLUTIONS !! I will post the correct answers later
in the week.

Hve fun. It's not a difficult problem.


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