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Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Tue Sep 11 09:24:56 EDT 2001

jrlinden at writes...

>Could somebody explain to me how the diode circuitry shown
>in the diagram shown  on the below web page can work?  It's
>using diodes to enhance audio performance.   A fellow in
>Portland claims it works and I don't see how but there's a
>whole lot more knowledge on this reflector than I'll ever be
>in touch with, so if it really works, somebody explain it to
>me.  Tnx......JR   K7PUR

Golden-ear snake oil apparently intended to force the price of 1N4001s higher.

However, there's a chance that a "network" (our ex-Soviets would call it a
"nyet-work") like this might have an unintended effect of attenuating video
synch signals to the point that the receiving video unit would be forced to
restore them.  One side-effect?  Stripping Macrovision copy protection.

If anybody has a "video stabilizer," two VCRs, and an recent Disney video,
can you build this thing and report back?  I've got plans and parts for a
video stabilizer, plus the other stuff, but lack the requisite "round tuit"
for assembly.


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