Nice QSL card, a bit OFF topic ! But a nice tube !

Kurt Brandstetter kurt.brandstetter at TELEWEB.AT
Tue Sep 25 13:57:22 EDT 2001

Hello from Vienna !

As I don't know if you ever visited my "QSL of the month" pages on my
webpage, I have saved a QSL from HS6NDK I received today showing 2 nice
glowing tubes. As SWL I don't know which one this are but I like this
picture. You can find it at:

If you want to see a lot of new QSL's (I update the pages every week), you
are invited to take a look on my my page and go to the QSL links. I know
this is off topic, but I think you can forgive me ! I was so surprised about
this beautiful QSL that I thought it might also be of interest to some of

Normally I have my webpage at SWL-Net, but FTP upload is out of work since a
month, so I have to use the web page at my homeserver where I have only
small webspace. So it was necessary to link the QSL pages to Geocities for a
while; I don't like to do this, its slower and causes a Java script error,
but just overrun it.

If you want to see this QSL pages (and of course the boatanchors I own are
on the page) please try to visit

73 de Kurt OE 1002419                ICQ-UIN 43074273

In the moment I cannot update my page at SWL.NET because
the FTP upload is not working SO PLEASE use my Webpage at:
The latest QSL's I received you can see at my webpage
under the link "Latest QSL cards arrived at my postbox" are:
FO0WEG (OC-152);YM0KI (AS-159);J49HG/p (EU-187);3B6RF
5R8GY (AF-090);6H3KK (NA-090);D6/WB4MBU; T5W; T5X; ZL75
Normally use my page at: !
It also works, but was not updated since 1 month.

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