WTD: Old FT243 crystals, holders, parts etc.

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Thu Sep 27 11:33:28 EDT 2001

Old FT243 holders, parts etc. needed - see details below....

I am looking for a friend who needs these.

Can be either blank, empty FT243 crystal holders OR dead crystals in FT243 holders,
oddball frequencies, unusable crystals for any reason.

Key needs: has to be a large quantity, and has to be dirt cheap (grin!)

Purpose is to put together some crystals. Right now we have a demand
for about 100-200 of these, but could use more if the price is right.

This will help ensure a future supply of these crystals for the ham frequencies
at reasonable prices.

Metal PIN SLEEVES can be used to turn HC-6/U holders into holders that fit FT243 sockets.
The blanks inside can be anything that fits. Some have worried that HC-6/U quartz wafers
will not handle the current in their mega-BA rigs. That does not have to really an issue.

Apparently the supplier I am working with does not have as many SLEEVES as he thought, of
the metal PIN SLEEVES as he needs for adapting HC-6/U holders for use in an FT-243 type

So an alternative is this: does anyone know of an inexpensive source
for the pin sleeves themselves? Or of FT243 holders?

Thanks for any help - Brian, AF4K

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