Military stuff for sale

H. W. Petersen wy7z at JUNO.COM
Thu Sep 27 13:51:04 EDT 2001

The following were found in a basement (not mine) and the surface crud
cleaned off. They look to be in good order but are untested and must be
offered as is. $10 each plus postage.

1 - Power transformer, stamped "D 12A 1319" and "Jefferson Electric" on
case.Completely enclosed in a steel case, with mounting flanges, painted
army green, scratched. Has ceramic insulators, solder lugs appear unused.
Label contains the following: Pri. 117VAC; Sec 5V @ 2A, 330VDC at 85MA
with 5Z3 rectifier, 6.3VAC @ 7.5A, 6.3 VAC @ .3A, electrostatic shield
and case grounded. Ohmeter says windings are Ok. Weighs about 10#.

2 - Aircraft UHF dipole antenna, maybe for ARC-27. Overall antenna length
11.5", each element on a 5.5" airfoil-shaped support.  Painted dull black
except white ceramic insulator ring between dipole elements. SO-239
connector. The only marks are a rubber stamped (inspector's mark?)  K39
R.E.L. and "Warning - do not paint insulator."

3 - Telephone handset with PL-68 plug and butterfly push-to-talk switch.
Black bakelite,  The only marking is "TS-9-AP". Similar (except for the
PTT switch) to the handset on a zillion civilian telephones in the '40s
and '50s.

4 - Hand held microphone in grey/green plastic with PL-55 plug. marked
SIGNAL CORPS T-17-D CAAC 19332-RH-44 22. PTT switch on side marked SW-217
and has a trademark circled U with lightning bolt.. Complete with
microphone dust cover M-367.

Pete Petersen
5214 120th Ave. SE
Bellevue, WA 98006

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