*** Info and acessories needed for TRC-1***

ed sharpe esharpe at USWEST.NET
Sat Sep 29 01:25:09 EDT 2001

Ok here is the scenario... we have a TRC-1 that was given  to us  back at
the dawn of time,  it is a radio trans and recv. that allow you to take a
bunch of field phones and  put them over the radio on about 100 meg. FM
 No! you cant have it to make a pirate station!)

Our Question is how did the field phones really hook into the transmitter
and receiver?  there must have been a  'magic in-between box'.

Does anyone have a manual on file for this in either  paper or electronic

We had a nice gift of  4 field telephones and if we can get the magic box
would then have a complete display!

thanks in advance for any info, magic boxes, advice etc etc!

ed sharpe

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