Crystal Swap

Glen E. Zook gzook at HOME.COM
Sun Sep 30 00:41:38 EDT 2001

I found another crystal to add to the list for swap.  It is a 7025 KHz
FT-243.  Also, I found a number of 2 meter transmitting crystals (brand
new) in HC18/U holders.  These are all in the 18 MHz range for X8
multiplication.  I am giving the operating frequency of these.

The modified list is as follows:

I have the following crystals to trade:

In HC6/U holders:

3850.7 KHz
3893.1 KHz
3853.5 KHz
3956.6 KHz
3956.6* KHz

HC6/U style but wire leads

3579.545 KHz

FT-243 holders

7025* KHz
7140* KHz
7206.6* KHz

All of these have been checked in my DX-20, DX-35,
Johnson Adventurer, and Globe Champion 350.  Those
marked with (*) do not oscillate in my Globe Champion
(which is VERY critical as to what crystal will and
will not work).  They work fine in all of the other

HC18/U crystals (small size, plug in) transmit on the following

146.280 MHz Quantity 4
146.310 MHz Quantity 2
146.340 MHz Quantity 1
146.490 MHz Quantity 1
146.760 MHz Quantity 1
146.940 MHz Quantity 3

I think somewhere I have some receive crystals but haven't come across
them as of this time.

I need crystals that work on the following

7290 KHz
7160 KHz
3885 KHz
3645 KHz
3580 KHz

Can use FT-241, FT-243, HC6/U for sure and maybe other
types of holders.

You can add pins from old octal tubes, etc., to HC6/U
crystals so that they fit the FT-243 sockets.

Glen, K9STH

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