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Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 11 18:07:00 EDT 2002

Several months ago, I was asked to reprint some copies
of my book "Converting Commercial FM Gear", written in
1968 and published by 73 Magazine in 1972.  I still
have a few copies of this reprint "left".

Frankly, the quality of the printing of the original
book wasn't that great (and the photographs really
show the problems of the quality in the original).
The reprint is about the same quality as the original.

Most of the material is very "dated" (concerns mainly
"tube type" FM equipment manufactured by Motorola and
a little from GE), as well as general information on
modifying and using "obsolete" commercial FM
equipment.  But, a number of people wanted a "new"
copy to replace one that they bought "years ago" and
had "misplaced".

The cost back in 1972 was $2.95.  Unfortunately, I
need to get $10 these days to cover the cost of
reproduction.  However, $10 will get you a copy mailed
to your location in the CONUS and $11 will get you a
copy mailed to Canada.  If anyone internationally
wants a copy, E-Mail me and I'll see how much
additional the postage (air) will be.

Anyone who is not interested in a copy, please delete
this message and go on to the next "boat anchor"


Glen, K9STH

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