Dee Almquist w4pnt at VAIX.NET
Sat Apr 20 22:07:40 EDT 2002

Hi Fellow Anchorites
Need some help. For years I have seen muti band dipoles used at ham event
stations & except for close proximity of ant to equipment (rf feedback),
they seem to work well. I got this idea of using one at my shop to cover
160m through 40m starting @ center insulator,one coax, to feed all bands,
sagging wire for other bands under main (160m) ant. but insulated by 4 to 6
inches with porcelain standoffs. I have done this before with 40m & 80m but
seperating wires about 60 deg., anchoring ends in 4 different trees & it
worked great. This time, however, 160m loads great. but the other 2 bands
nothing loads. Got as much reflected pwr as going, or nearly so. Acts like
nothing tied to end of coax. Anyone built one of these that can give me some
clue where I'm going wrong? Everything is cut to frequency with 468 div by
freq. There must be something, somewhere written on this type of antenna.
73 es Dee

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