Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Sat Apr 20 22:44:27 EDT 2002

The parallel dipole arrangement normally works fine.
In the older versions of the ARRL "Hints & Kinks" book
there was even one made for 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10
meters out of 100 feet of the flat ribbon type of
rotor cable.  By proper cutting, you could get the 66
foot lengths for 80 from each side with the 33 foot
lengths for 40 adding up to 100 feet of cable.  Then,
you cut one of the 33 feet lengths on each piece to
size for 20 meters.  15 meters works fine from the 40
meter section.

The spacing on that antenna was just a fraction of an
inch and they work fine.  Are you using direct feed
from your coax or are you trying to use a balun?  If
you have a balun, I would remove it.

Always cut a dipole a little on the long side so that
you will have room to trim it to frequency.  It is
much easier to remove wire than to add it.

I have used parallel dipoles in the past and have had
no problems at all with them.  I would definitely
check your connections at both ends (make sure that
the "far" end is not connected to anything and the end
at the center insulator is definitely connected to the
160 meter sections).  I know that this is obvious, but
it is very easy to overlook something (I have done it,
so I know others have overlooked things as well!).

Glen, K9STH

--- Dee Almquist <w4pnt at vaix.net> wrote:
> Hi Fellow Anchorites
> Need some help. For years I have seen muti band
> dipoles used at ham event
> stations & except for close proximity of ant to
> equipment (rf feedback),
> they seem to work well. I got this idea of using one
> at my shop to cover
> 160m through 40m starting @ center insulator,one
> coax, to feed all bands,
> sagging wire for other bands under main (160m) ant.
> but insulated by 4 to 6
> inches with porcelain standoffs. I have done this
> before with 40m & 80m but
> seperating wires about 60 deg., anchoring ends in 4
> different trees & it
> worked great. This time, however, 160m loads great.
> but the other 2 bands
> nothing loads. Got as much reflected pwr as going,
> or nearly so. Acts like
> nothing tied to end of coax. Anyone built one of
> these that can give me some
> clue where I'm going wrong? Everything is cut to
> frequency with 468 div by
> freq. There must be something, somewhere written on
> this type of antenna.

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