FS Meissner Sig Shifter & Spotter

Keith Rowland k4kgw at ATTBI.COM
Fri Aug 2 12:59:36 EDT 2002

FOR SALE:  Meissner Deluxe Signal Shifter and companion Signal Spotter,
built around 1938.  Bought at hamfest last year, but changes in
circumstances make it obvious I will never get around to putting them
into service.  The units remain exactly as they were when I got them
Previous owner replaced all caps except the micas with new ones, plus a
few resistors.  He also painted both cabinets gloss black.  Originally,
the buyer had a choice of gray crackle or black crackle paint.

The units come with complete manual copies and several enlarged
diagrams, plus a complete list and identification of every part
replaced.  There is rust streaking on both front panels, but all
lettering is clearly legible.  The metal 6F6 in the Shifter is missing,
but all other tubes in both units are present and check good, including
the Magic Eye tube in the Spotter.  The rubber feet are dried out and
flat, and need to be replaced.

The two plug-in coils in the Spotter are not marked, but appear to be
for 160 and 80 meters.  The three plug-in coils in the Shifter are for
80 meters.  Shifter weighs 20 pounds and the Spotter about 6-8 pounds.

Asking $50 total for everything, plus $15 for packing in new boxes (will
ship in separate boxes) and UPS ground delivery, anywhere in the lower
48 states.  This is probably not enough for shipping, but I will absorb
anything over $15 for shipping and packing.  Money order or cashier's
check, please, unless we know each other!


(Atlanta, GA Metro area)

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