Very Early Heath VF-1 VFO

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Fri Aug 23 14:14:40 EDT 2002

I have just come into posession of a very early Heath
VF-1 VFO.  The front panel is very different from the
"garden variety" VF-1.  I went all the way back to the
Heath ads from 1954 before finding this particular
front panel.  There are complete circles around the
controls (the later models have no circles), the
outline that is around the entire front panel has
three thick lines (instead of two thin lines on the
later versions), the lettering is quite a bit thicker
than the later versions, all of the printing on the
front panel is a distinctive brown, and the front
panel has a "brownish" tint to the silver.

The cabinet is in virtually new condition, the front
panel is excellent, and the inside shows virtually no
discoloration of the copper on the chassis as well as
being well constructed.  The tubes both show a 1954
code date (although they most certainly could have
been changed sometime during the past 48 years).

I don't need two VF-1 VFOs, so I am open to
suggestions as to boat anchor trades for this VFO.  I
have seen a fair number of VF-1 VFOs over the years,
and this is the first of this type of panel that I
have seen.

Glen, K9STH

Glen, K9STH

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