FS: Several receivers

Brian Carling bcarling at CFL.RR.COM
Sat Feb 9 18:13:22 EST 2002

For sale:

Hallicrafters SX-25 Defiant communications receiver
Serial number H-101192. Main tuning plus bandspread for
the amateur bands. Covers 540 kc. to 32 Mc. in five bands.
as AVC, BFO, Sharp & broad filters, crystal selectivity
and phasing controls, RF and AF gain controls, tone control,
end-receive switch and rear terminals.
Also has front panel headphone jack.
Will sell for $140.00 plus shipping

Hallicrafters S-40A communications receiver
Serial number HA-90221
Nice receiver - All original, with a fine looking front panel.
Original knobs, dial etc. Covers 540 kc. to 54 MHz in four bands,
with sensitivity control, AVC on-off, tone control, noise limiter,
BFO and send-receive switch and rear terminals. Also has front
panel headphone jack.
Built in speaker. The set lights up and appears to be working but
has a loud hum. Likely just needs a capacitor replaced.

Will sell for $75.00 plus shipping

Drake 2-BQ Accessory for the 2B receiver
Excellent rare 2-BQ speaker/Q-multiplier in tip top shape.
Front panel is immaculate. All original knobs. Tested with a 2B
and is working nicely.

Will sell for $125.00 plus shipping

Hammarlund HQ-129X communications receiver
Covers 540 kc. to 32 Mc. in six bands. Has main tuning
and bandspread dial for the amateur bands. Has send-receive
switch with rear terminals.
Noise limiter, RF Gain, AF Gain, AVC, BFO Pitch, Crystal
selectivity and phasing.
Good working condition. Interior looks great. Front panel is all
original and in nice shape.
Original knobs. The case has a few rust patches but nothing
This set comes with the ORIGINAL manual which is quite rare for a
receiver of this vintage.
Will sell for $125.00 plus shipping

Also have a nicely restored gray Hammarlund speaker originally
intended for the HQ-100 series. Will sell for $80.00

National NC-190 Receiver
This is a nifty old receiver with that classic space age blue finish.
Front panel looks very nice, but some of the knobs look crusty and
need cleaning.
One non-original small knob. Appears to be all original with no
Receiver is non working but it is all there, and will clean up nicely.
Will sell for $125.00 plus shipping

Pictures & details available at:

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