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Edward Greeley etgreeley at WORLDNET.ATT.NET
Thu Jan 3 17:18:01 EST 2002

Hello Fred,

The screws you are looking for are either 3-48 or 3-56, I don't remember
which. McMaster-Carr has both thread pitches in 18-8 stainless steel,
which would nicely replace the nickel plated brass originals -except-
that they are Phillips head vice slotted head. You might just change all
the screws that show, and say it was done during a depot overhaul. My
McMaster catalog is about three years old and shows 3-56 x 1/4" pan head
screws at $5.23 per box of 100. I think you will be hard-pressed to find
a source of slotted head screws.

McMaster-Carr is -the- place to look for hardware of every description.
They are an industrial supply house but they have NO minimum order, no
inflated "service charge", and they ship super fast in response to
orders using your credit card. Their Web site is at  Their monster catalog is on-line and you can
place your order there.

BTW, I did work in an Air Force depot maintenance shop years ago, and it
was not uncommon to use Phillips head screws in cases where the old
slotted head types were unavailable in the correct sizes.

Hope this helps.

Ed Greeley

Fred Holnagel wrote:
> No, not that kind. Looking for the small screws on the ARC-5 series gear.
> Not a 4/40 but something a bit smaller.  My local supply house has
> nothing smaller than 4-40's Must be slotted pan head. Thanks for any
> help.

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