51S-1 Manual

Gary Harmon gharmon at IDWORLD.NET
Fri Jan 4 07:18:36 EST 2002

Good Morning all......

I am in the process of trying to return to operation a Collins 51S-1 receiver,
serial number 4551.  The radio came to me without a manual so I posted several
lists and ended up buying a new Rockwell Collins 51S-1 manual.  I've come to
find out that the Rockwell manual doesn't match up with the older Collins unit,
specifically V17 is a different tube; 6BA6 in mine vs 6AU6 in the Rockwell.
Therefore I am in need of a manual that matches the receiver.  I would like to:

1.  Trade this Rockwell manual for an original correct manual
2.  Buy an original or copy
3.  Borrow a manual to copy and return
4.  Obtain copies of the pages relative to V17 (voltages, schematic, etc.)
5.  Other options?

Thanks in advance and 73, gary

Gary H. Harmon, Jr.
6302 Robin Forest
San Antonio, TX 78239
(210) 657-1549

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