Plate Transformer F/S

Fred Holnagel w7prv at JUNO.COM
Fri Jan 4 09:52:34 EST 2002

Potted fully cased with mounting studs out the bottom. Specs are: Input
115 or 120 VAC,  40 to 400cy. Sec. 1580 VCT @ 525ma. Case dimensions 5" X
4.25" X 5.375" H. Marked "Ampex  C-25856" and "OECO Corp. 6264" Wt. 17.5
pounds. Could be used on 220 with 2:1 input transformer. Never used.
Color light grey. Price $40.00 plus shipping or trade for Heath/
Boatanchor/ ARC-5 stuff? Fred W7PRV

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