Project DX-35

Glen Zook gzook at YAHOO.COM
Wed Jan 23 00:02:27 EST 2002

For sale, project DX-35:  This is the result of a
not-so-good experience on eBay!  Supposedly, the
transmitter was missing the knobs!  However, it is
also missing the tubes and the entire Pi-network
(coil, both capacitors, and the plate cap to the
6146).  The cabinet is in pretty good condition and
the front panel is in fair-good condition with a
"phone jack" added with the label "grid".  This can be
filled with a 3/8 inch hole plug and will look fine.
No crystal cover on the back (like the majority of
DX-35 and DX-40 transmitters these days!).

The chassis is clean, and the original wiring job is
better than average.  Other than the missing two
variable capacitors, the coil, and plate cap,
everything seems to be there.  The coil will be the
hardest thing to replace.  However, one from the DX-20
or DX-40 will work as well as one from a DX-35.  The
variables are "garden" variety and can be found all
over the place.

The manual for the DX-35 is available on BAMA (no

Since I found a good, working DX-35, I decided to let
this one go.

$45 plus $15 shipping CONUS.

Glen, K9STH

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