CX date correction

Stephens, Al Al.Stephens at EKU.EDU
Wed Jan 23 09:19:17 EST 2002 more time...

     We are taking remedial calendar reading courses, particularly for reading calendars six months in advance.

     The date I sent out on e-mail is correct: Classic Radio Exchange is on Sunday, 10 Feb 2002.  The publications (QST, ER, etc.) have it as 9 February -- and that is wrong.
     Not their fault - they printed what we sent them, and I am sorry for any resulting confusion.  So QST to the contraty notwithstanding,

     "CX" - Classic Radio Exchange -- next one is Sunday, February 10, 2002, from 3 PM to midnight EST,
noon to 9 PM PST, etc., etc., etc.

     Sorry about that - and CU in CX - on SUNDAY, February TENTH.

     Please help pass the word - correct our earlier error (and sorry about that, QST, ER, et al.)

     73,  Al  N5AIT

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