WTB: Morrow RTS-600S AC power Supply

Freeberg, Scott (STP) Scott.Freeberg at GUIDANT.COM
Mon Jan 28 09:57:18 EST 2002

Good morning!  I'm looking to buy a Morrow RTS-600S AC power supply and
built in speaker which powers both the Morrow
twins, MBR-5 receiver and MB-560 transmitter.

I connected up the MBR-5 and MB-560 this weekend using a homebrew supply
that came with the radio.   I think the receiver is pretty sensitive, it
sounds nice on cw, is a bit broad on AM as I think the bandpass covers the
entire AM window on 75 :^)     The transmitter outputs only 15 - 20 watts so
I need to look into that.  I will be ordering some manuals for it today.
This will be a fun rig to run on 20 and 40 meter CW and 10 and 75 AM!

If you have one for sale, perhaps you know of one or can provide a lead on
one.  Thanks!

73,  Scott WA9WFA

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